About the Gouldings

We’ve always loved our holidays but they just never lasted long enough……

Hi! We are Paul and Alison Goulding, two ordinary middle aged people who love travel, new places and interesting people. We don’t know exactly when it was that we decided it would be a good idea to pack up our normal lives and go around the world but we’ve certainly been talking about it for several years.
By 2019 we were lucky enough to have paid off our mortgage: our son Oscar and daughter Darcie, aged 25 and 24 respectively were both settled with their fabulous partners. Paul was fed up after 39 1/2 years of the daily grind and the commute up to West London. The time seemed to be NOW!!!

We packed up our jobs and stopped taking bookings on our Airbnb. We started putting some plans together and put the house up for rent.