Livin’ the Dream…..

….. in Koh Adang

So sorry to everyone who has to earn a living, but this is what we came for!

The only resort on this National Park island – it’s 99% jungle and bare rock with some beautiful beaches that are only accessible by boat

Koh Adang is in the Tarutao National Park. The only island in the Park that has been permitted to develop as a tourist destination is Koh Lipe, and that is the place that the ferries stop. When you arrive there the ferries dock onto a floating pontoon and long tailed boats come out to take you into the shore. Then to get to Koh Adang, you have to traverse Koh Lipe. As it was only a 15 minute walk to Sunset Beach, we marched across with our backpacks in spite of the mid-day heat. Our resort sent another long tail boat to pick us up from the beach and transport us across the channel to Koh Adang.

On the long tail boat from the ferry pontoon in Koh Lipe, with the mountains of Koh Adang in the background.
Arriving in Koh Adang, they use a tractor to get the luggage up the beach. We had to wade ashore!
Worth it when we got there…….
really well worth it!
Cooking down in the pool and livin’ the dream!
Having a wander along the resort’s private beach on our first evening
Breakfast was interesting – Ali had chicken with ginger and rice, and I had a ubiquitous omelet
The sea has unfortunately been quite choppy since we arrived, but today we braved the ocean on a resort kayak and paddled around the rocks to the next deserted beach.
Sadly because we were busy paddling we didn’t get the chance to get any kayaking photos.
What can you say?
Acres of white sand with no-one on it.
More sand and sea
There was a Ranger Station at a beautiful spot on the southern point of the island where it’s possible to camp under the casuarina trees
Shoal of tiny silver fish in the shallow water
The snorkelling was not brilliant due to the windy conditions and choppy sea but there was some live coral and just a few tropical fish.
Last but not least, we spotted this colourful gecko on the wall outside our room. He obligingly stayed still for us to take a few photos – isn’t he cute!!

Tomorrow, 26th February we will be sad to leave Koh Adang and head off on another ferry across the Malaysian border to Langkawi and then straight on to Penang, arriving in the evening – it’s going to be another long travel day!

2 thoughts on “Livin’ the Dream…..”

  1. Paul, you are trying to make jealous with all you have at moment,I went one better than your I had a can of vegetable soup if you had put it through a colander of it would have gone through,that told me not to buy that one. To live the dream is only something we dream. And yours have done it wonderful. Mum.xx



  2. Paul. yours are certainly living the dream and look at the food. You are trying,I had a can of Soup which was supposed be be vegetable more liquid and small chopped matter how old we get there is a lot to learn. Enjoy your dream and still what is to come.Mum. xx


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