Trains, Planes, Automobiles (and Boats!)

OK, we might have to back track a little here to get the trains part of our title for this post in.

As you will know if you are a regular reader, on 17th February we got the Train back from the River Kwai to Bangkok. It was a long travel day, as that evening we went off to the airport to catch a late Plane to Krabi – arriving at about 1.00 am. Luckily the nice airport taxi driver who took us to our overnight hotel was also happy to collect us the following morning in his Automobile for the hour’s ride to Kong Ka Pier in Krabi. We got the 11.00 am Boat to our first island destination – Koh Lanta.

Waiting at Kong Ka Pier.
Leaving the dock at Krabi, it was not as gloomy as it looks in this picture, and since we arrived it’s been wall to wall sunshine and 34C
Limestone karst scenery photographed from the ferry coming out of Krabi

Koh Lanta is a relaxed, laid back place (quite windy at the moment), with many small resorts, casual bars and restaurants all down the long west coast beaches. At the moment the island seems to be full of French people, which we weren’t really expecting and which can be just un petit peu irritating when they take over nearly the entire pool and common areas of our small resort.
Mind you, we have been a bit boring while we have been here and haven’t explored too much as we have both had HEAD COLDS!! NOT Coronavirus as neither of us has had a cough or any hint of a raised temperature, just a bit snivelly and feeling sorry for ourselves for a few days.

Ok – so it’s a bit contrived! But we really did feel lousy for a couple of days.
As you can see it’s all better now.

Whilst travelling in South East Asia we have worked out we need to become competent with riding mopeds, as in spite of the safety issues, these are indisputably the best way to get about and explore the more remote beaches and places like the National Parks and mountain areas. This will be something to get our heads round before we take off on our next trip!

Sitting in the sunshine waiting for a beer
Not many people! The view up the beach…….
…and down the beach
Waiting for the sun to set
Another beautiful beach sunset, this time in Thailand not India.

Quite excited as we are going off tomorrow (22nd February) to an almost uninhabited tropical island. Ko Adang is a National Park and we are staying at the one and only small resort on the island. It’s completely jungle, there are no roads and the only way in is by boat. Apparently the reef, and snorkelling around the island is very good, so we are hoping to take the GoPro out and have some colourful underwater pictures for our next blog.

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