A bad bus day!

We need to have a quick rant about our journey from Nha Trang down to Ho Chi Minh City.

Because of the New Year, we had booked a bus well in advance to take us on the next 10 hour leg of our journey. Imagine our frustration when, after arriving in good time, well before 8.00 am at the bus stop, the wretched thing just didn’t turn up! We were left on the street with our backpacks, a destination over 300 kilometres away and no idea how to get there during the busiest travel time of the year.

Paul looking glum as we try and decide what to do

We couldn’t book another bus or a train as we already knew they were full and needed 24 hours notice to buy a ticket. So the only alternative was to look at the possibility of flying; we hauled up at a coffee bar and within the space of an hour had managed to book a flight to Ho Chi Minh City which left in only 6 hours time! Luckily the buses from Nha Trang out to Cam Ranh airport, one hour’s journey away were actually running.

It cost us 5 times as much as we had already paid for the bus tickets which was a bit maddening!

In the coffee bar watching the motorbikes stream by as we killed a couple of hours
Happy to see a tangerine sunset approaching Ho Chi Minh City
A shot of the city as we came in to land

To save a bit of cash on finally arriving at Ho Chi Minh airport we decided to take the bus from there into the city. But guess what? As it was around 7.00 pm by now and still Tet New Year, the buses had stopped running! After a bit more frustration we palled up with a hilarious Spanish lady who spoke no English but also wanted to get (cheaply) into town. We shared a Grab cab (like Uber) with her and after being dropped off, we had a long 20 minute walk through crazy Beer Street in the backpacker area before arriving at our AirBnB around 8.30. We were so knackered, hungry and fed up by this time! However, there is a light at the end of every tunnel and around 9.30 we managed to persuade a local restaurant to feed us.

Hey, all’s well that ends well on a travelling day!

Digging into yummy seafood coconut fried rice served in the coconut shell

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