Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!

or Happy New Year in Vietnamese!

When we arrived at our hotel in central Nha Trang there was a big group of people waiting to check in. As we were very early we waited patiently and began to notice that most of them were overweight, pasty and a bit unhealthy looking; lots of jogging bottoms and tattoos in evidence. Overhearing conversations we worked out that they were all Russians.
The receptionist told us that most of their guests and indeed nearly every other visitor to Nha Trang came from either Russia or China. This was to be our first exposure to Russians en-masse! All of the signage and information around the city was in Vietnamese, Russian and Chinese, with very little in English. The Chinese were no trouble, but the Russians tended to go around in loud talking, heavy smoking, beer swilling groups and they weren’t all that friendly towards other nationalities.
On the other hand, once we got to the beach front we realised why Nha Trang is so popular. Beyond the big city boulevard and the promenade there is a long stretch of reasonably clean golden sand and the water in the bay is a deep aqua marine topped by foamy white wavelets. The view along the coast and over towards Vinh Nguyen island and the massive Vinpearl Theme and Water Park was spectacular.

As many shops and tourist attractions were closed for the Tet New Year celebrations we were happy to ignore our fellow tourists, rent a sunbed with an umbrella and veg out in the hot sunshine for the 3 days of our stay

A second Happy New Year for us!
Walking along the “Neon Mile” at night. Half of the skyscrapers near the beach front have mega flashy gyrating neon light displays built in to them which kind of complimented the Tet New Year seafront displays.
Ali standing in front of one of the New Year displays on the seafront – this just about sums up Nha Trang for us – a bit tacky but also colourful and certainly an ok place to spend a few days.

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