A Most Unusual Christmas

Mary’s beautiful Nativity scene. On 23rd December she sprinkled some sort of grass seed on sand and 2 days later there were lush green hills around the stable!

Luckily when we arrived at Marari Beach Paradise, our neighbours in the next room were a fabulous French couple, Sophie and Louis who we got along with immediately. We had some laughs as we don’t speak much French and they only spoke a little more English – Google translate was a godsend! Naturellement Sophie is a fantastic cook, so on 23rd December we decided we would like to do some Christmas cooking. She suggested tuna carpaccio, so we got up very early Christmas Eve morning to visit the local fish market along the coast to see what we could find.

On one of the boats coming in to shore we saw some big, shiny yellow and grey fish that looked like tuna. We eventually persuaded the fishermen to sell us one of these. It weighed 4kgs and cost 1,000 Rupees – about £10.

Sophie with our super fresh fish!

In the end we discovered that our fish wasn’t a tuna and also was not suitable for carpaccio, so we made fish tartare instead which was tasty and delicious. For Christmas Eve dinner we also had fresh prawns provencal made by yours truly, and small potatoes with butter and mint – yum! Our hosts, Martin and Mary were concerned this wasn’t proper food, so they also provided the ubiquitous chicken curry and rice. We topped the meal off with big platters of fresh tropical fruit.

Martin who is a fisherman insisted on cleaning the fish for us, but Sophie did a great job of removing the fillets. We then spent about 2 hours cutting up a ton of raw fish into tiny pieces for tartare. Sophie prepared it with Indian lemons, fresh ginger, chilli powder, chopped onion and chopped green mango and lots of salt and pepper

Most of our Christmas Day was spent on the beach and we were lucky to have blue skies and hot sunshine. Swimming in the warm Indian ocean on Christmas Day was amazing!

I had a great idea of writing a sort of sand Christmas card. Obviously my brain has fried as I couldn’t spell “very”. In the end a big wave came up and washed most of it away so we gave up on the idea.
Taking a break from the hot sun
Happy Christmas!

This was our first Christmas away from home and it was odd. Surprisingly we didn’t miss any of the traditional Christmas holiday activities like Christmas dinner, TV, decorations, music, presents and too much to eat and drink. The only thing we missed was the family and as we miss them every day, that didn’t feel that much harder than usual. We were lucky to be able to FaceTime or speak to everyone, which definitely helped us feel a little better.

Lovely Sophie and Louis – thanks to them for being the best fun companions
Rinjo, Martin and Mary who looked after us so well at Marari Beach Paradise

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