The Pushkar Camel Fair

We were so lucky to arrive in the desert town of Pushkar at the start of the annual Camel Fair and festival. We’ve read that it’s now a smaller affair than in years gone by, when over 50,000 camels came in with tribes people from all over western Rajasthan. We weren’t disappointed though, because even this year there were still camels as far as the eye could see! We spent a brilliant morning walking around the tribal encampments, checking out the different animals and people. The “best dressed camel” and “dancing camel” competitions were more commercial, but also fun and a great opportunity for colourful photos!

Camels, camels evertywhere!
Georgeous competition entrant!
And the winner is ………

Pushkar is a beautiful, small town with a very laid back vibe, set around a lake that is sacred to Hindus. There were thousands of pilgrims in town and on our first night ceremonies involving thousands of little lights along the ghats made the dark lake side atmospheric and beautiful.

Ali soaking up the vibe on the ghats

Mountains rise up steeply on three sides of Pushkar with sand dunes stretching away on the fourth side. On day two we climbed a small mountain which gave great views of the town and in the other direction, the vast, dry reaches of Rajasthan stretching away into a hazy sunset. We topped off our Pushkar experience with a visit to the fun fair; we weren’t bothered about doing the rides, but the glittering, whirling colours of half a dozen huge Ferris wheels against the black, non light polluted sky was magical!

A long hard climb up the mountain, but worth it for the beautiful views of Pushkar – in the background
Fairground at night

Next stop the pink city of Jaipur.

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