Back on the beach

For the last few days we’ve been back on the beach, this time in Agonda, South Goa.

We had another adventure getting here on the sleeper bus from Hampi. The actual journey wasn’t too bad – we must be getting used to the bumpy roads by now. But the bus dropped us at 5.30 am in what we thought was the town of Canacona. In fact it was a completely deserted crossroads on the edge of town. It was still completely dark and raining and we had no idea how we were going to get to Agonda which was still about 8 miles away. Fortunately at that moment a tuk-tuk loomed out of the darkness complete with driver in full wet weather gear. He only wanted to charge 400 rupees (about a fiver) to get us to the hotel, and at that point we probably would have paid him anything! We arrived 6 hours early for check in at the Agonda Serenity Beach Resort but the kind staff allowed us to snooze in the beach bar for ages so it all worked out in the end!

Waiting for the night bus
2 pairs of fat legs on the sleeper bus
Paul in the sleeping compartment on the bus – nearly enough room to lie down with legs doubled up
Alison gazing out to sea in the early dawn darkness after we arrived at Agonda Serenity
Paul had trouble sleeping but as you can see I had very pleasant dreams!

Agonda has about 2 miles of very quiet beach and a single beach road with a few shops and restaurants. It’s peaceful and restful in spite of the frequent downpours we’ve had this week – the monsoon is obviously not quite over yet.

Agonda beach
A view of the rooms from the bar
Paul taken unawares as he was trying to eat his breakfast
Beautiful jungle river which flows out at one end of Agonda beach
Relaxing after a brisk walk AND some running on the beach
A cool pose on the rocks with fishing boats in the background

On a more sober note we discovered one of our cash cards had been hacked and GBP 1,600 was missing. The only thing we can guess might have happened was the details were captured in one of the many failed ATM attempts we’ve carried out in order to get cash out. Keep your fingers crossed the bank agrees to give us the money back!

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