Final words on Yoga

Well – we can actually see how Yoga may be life changing.  The Asana classes were incredibly hard for us old creaky folk, and at some points we thought we might die if we had to do another “Sun Salutation”.  But, it did make us feel good afterwards, and although at first you feel daft doing all the meditation and relaxation exercises, our aches and pains got a lot better and things like sleep definitely improved.  Added to which we were eating a rather modest vegetarian diet and both lost a bit of weight – also helpful!  Alison enjoyed chanting particularly after being complimented on the melodious sounds of her ommmmmmmmmmmm!!!! 
In addition to the above, our disparate group was so positive and mutually supportive that we were all sorry to part and go our separate ways.  And guess what – Paul and I are already talking about doing another retreat in Thailand and are determined to join a regular Yoga class when we get home!

Trying to do a tree pose together – ridiculous but quite a laugh!
It’s just a jump to the left………….
Paul gearing up for his shoulder stand.

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