On the beach at Bogmalo

We’ve had a very tough few days vegging out on Bogmalo beach. Lovely golden sand, cleaned every morning by a bunch of official beach cleaners and rolling waves off the Indian Ocean. There are a couple of beach bars although several are closed to prepare for the start of the Goa “season” in November.
It’s been full on sun – around 31 degrees C and actually too hot to be out in it for any length of time. As the beach is south west facing there is almost no shade so we have to huddle under a beach umbrella for some of the day. Almost no other foreigners here, but lots of Indian families, groups of young men and canoodling couples come every day to enjoy the beach and take endless selfies!

Ali on the beach
After breakfast
Jungle explorer!
Bogmalo village scene – note the cows who spend a lot of time lounging around on the beach
Guess what’s for dinner? Curry, that’s what!
How about this for a sunset scene?

6 thoughts on “On the beach at Bogmalo”

  1. We’ve just got around to catching up with your blog… keep it coming, we’re loving it! Mum says, after reading about your ‘lost in Mumbai escapade’ you’re much, much braver man than she, Gunga Din! Barbs X X


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