House sitting

We had some idea that we might need to move out a few days before leaving the country. As we are far too mean to want to pay for a hotel or Airbnb for 4 weeks, we decided we might try house sitting and stay for free! Dear reader, we can heartily recommend it as a brilliant win-win for everyone concerned! We got to stay in some lovely houses and looked after some cute animals, and the homeowners had the confidence of knowing mature and responsible individuals (natch!) were keeping everything safe, clean and tidy.

Gary Barlow you were meow-tastic! We just want you BACK FOR GOOD – Groan!
Cuddles with cute Daisy-Mo
On our second house sit we looked after 2 Jack Russells. Their names were Arthur and Albert but we called them KING Arthur and PRINCE Albert! to help us tell one from the other.
Prince Albert was a cheeky chappie
And King Arthur was old and a bit whiskery but very sweet.

There was some additional method in our house sitting madness as we’ve heard that accommodation in Australia and New Zealand is very expensive, but they also seem to love their pets and travel.  There are lots of house sitting opportunities being offered down under, so we thought if we already had some experience and some 5 star reviews we could care for some lovely Oz and Kiwi pets and stay for free.  Will let you know if that works out!

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